BETA Tokenomics

The official contract addresses for the BETA token are:

ERC-20: 0xBe1a001FE942f96Eea22bA08783140B9Dcc09D28 BEP-20: 0xBe1a001FE942f96Eea22bA08783140B9Dcc09D28

BETA Token Information

BETA is Beta Finance’s native utility token and has the following current and planned functions:

  • Staking incentives: BETA token holders will be able to stake their tokens on the protocol and act as a backstop for covering shortfall events. BETA holders who stake their tokens will receive a portion of the revenue generated by the protocol.

  • Liquidity mining: Liquidity providers can stake their assets into the lending pools to enable borrowing and short selling. To incentivize these providers given opportunity costs, liquidity providers will be eligible to receive BETA tokens through a liquidity mining program, adjusted based on a user’s relative contribution and additional parameters.

  • Governance: BETA token holders will be able to participate and vote in the governance process of the platform. Through governance, users can influence and modify product features and key parameters of Beta Finance. This will enable BETA token holders to influence the direction of the protocol's development.

BETA Token Distribution Schedule

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