Lenders will be able to lend assets for any money market that exists on Beta Finance to earn additional yield from the lending interest rate. Interest is paid to lenders from the borrowers and short sellers who pay the borrow interest rate, for borrowing assets for leverage or short selling assets for trading and DeFi strategies. There is a single lending pool for each token, so lenders are guaranteed to be earning the maximum possible yield on Beta Finance for their deposited token at all times.

Assets deposited on Beta Finance's money markets are managed as an ERC-20 token balance. Upon deposit, a lender will receive bTokens, representing the lender's stake to the interest accruing share of the underlying token. For example, depositing ETH will cause the user to receive bETH in return.

There are 2 simple steps for lending crypto assets on Beta Finance.

  1. Select the token money market for which you would like to and click the "Deposit" button. Users will also be able to search for specific tokens by contract address.

2. Enter the amount of the underlying token you wish to deposit for lending, and receive bTokens from your deposit.

The above is a simple example. On the dApp only Beta Verified Markets will be surfaced directly to users, unverified markets will need to be explicitly searched for using the token address. Additionally, users will be able to favorite any market by clicking the star to always see those specific markets in their dashboard for easy access.

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